Helping daughter self esteem dating teen

09-Feb-2021 12:36

“When I see my older daughter acting ‘bossy,’ I don’t slap a label on it,” says mother Sonia Giampietro.Instead, she talks about better ways to communicate ideas and collaborate with others.

) In the long run, self-effacement can lead to a loss of confidence.

(Parenting really Here are eight rules for nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Rule #1: Let her play Don’t get hung up on what your daughter wants to play, whether it’s princesses or highway patrol.

While we may view one as traditionally female and another as male, to little kids, it’s all the same, so there’s no need to categorize. Christina Grant, an elementary school teacher, avoids classifying her seven-year-old daughter’s interests—which range from fairies to Greek gods—as being girlie or boyish.

(Now if only toy manufacturers would redesign packaging with that in mind!) Whether she’s talking with her daughter or her students, if the issue of “boys’ toys” versus “girls’ toys” comes up, she challenges their thinking.

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