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10-Feb-2021 08:17

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all the hapa girls i see are with white men like they belong to them or something :/ one is a koreaboo with a korean guy but thats full asian. That said I love mixed people in general but hapas tend to be pretty lame in my experience.i never saw a hapa-hapa couple ever even though there are many hapas here. I've liked hapa girls more so far, we're also generally more aware of the fact that we're hapa.My bf used to visit his friend’s gravesite regularly and just cry.I’m sure there’s a lot that he dealt with that he never told me about but the pain he felt ran deep.Of course, there is also the issue of Asian AND White women being extremely hostile to biracial Asians that look “too Asian,” so for Asian mothers who are convinced their Asian looking children are indeed white, also trying to prevent them from having fulfilling relationships with black women – this is a total and utter disaster. Millions of Asian looking biracial Asian children with asexual, status-hungry Asian mothers who absolutely hate Asians and desperately want their children to be white – and white fathers who sought “alternatives” to the white women who rejected them for their looks (bald, ugly, fat), are coming to your door! His dad was pretty friendly and polite all though he was incredibly shy and awkward. But he would always give my bf money to take me out on dates and to come watch me at football and basketball games (I was a cheerleader) and he would always offer to buy me dinner if I was over in the evening “studying” with his son. Bf was really nervous about me meeting her in the beginning.My bf also had an older brother who was polite but mostly kept to himself so I didn’t see him very often. At first I couldn’t understand why because to my face she would smile although she didn’t talk to me very much.But eventually I realized that she was trying to undermine our relationship from the very beginning.

Then she walked away without providing any further details. Bf’s older brother looked nothing like him and didn’t even look Asian at all.

So yeah, I hope he’s doing alright and still taking good care of himself.