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20-Feb-2021 09:37

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It was a cold night in Boston at a bar, he was drinking heavily and told me about this encounter with a man.

James was now a 37 year old married man but this experience had haunted him for years.

Unbuckle your pants and pull your penis out, he asked as we sat down. He replied, Pretend Im holding you captive and you cant move. Then he lowered his head down and placed my penis in his mouth with his hands holding my wrists. Then I began tingling all over as I was beginning to shoot my load into his mouth. I'm cumming." He wouldn;t have any part of that as he gripped my wrists even harder and sucked me harder. If my parents ever found out they would almost kill me.

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Since I did not protest he continued to touch my leg. I then asked him to excuse me so I could go to the bathroom. After taking a pee I returned to the same seat and in a couple of minutes he did also.Oh my gosh, I thought.probably thinks I did that on purpose.