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13-Oct-2020 06:52

We really needed to start Ollie in school — we had gotten him into a school in Los Angeles.But anyways, we had decided that that was what was best for our family., a show that seemed to touch a chord in so many people and had a fan base that is so passionate, so smart, so vocal, and so willing to go along on the ride with us. Saying goodbye to it is bittersweet, but I’m so grateful.It will always be a great thrill in my life that I was part of , and I got to play this character, and hopefully show a different side of this character to people, and show you things that you didn’t know about him. It’s a show about hope and it’s a show about how it’s your actions that define who you are. Ginnifer, what does it mean to you to have had a strong female character like Snow White brought into a new era?

What was the most poignant fan interaction you’ve had because of this show? I’ve been so humbled and grateful that there have been so many. GOODWIN: I feel like, more than it being about anything that’s been said, having fans not just come to Comic-Con, but show up in Vancouver on location dressed as our characters, has been truly amazing to me.And then, I could not respect more that the creators also took that seriously and really have listened to the fans over the years, and really have written the show for the fans. How do you feel about the ending for your characters and how it comes full circle to the beginning of the series? The story began with Snow and the Evil Queen and Charming.I don’t think I’ve ever been part of something where there was that kind of focus. I’m forever grateful for our time on it, and when we left, it was time. How would you describe the finale and how it compares to past style, but it’s also satisfying because it again comes full circle and ties everything together. DALLAS: They get a message that Henry is in a tight situation and needs some help, so they do what any great grandparents would do that know how to use a sword and a bow and arrow, and they come to help out. GOODWIN: I will say that I don’t really know what they’ve been up to. GOODWIN: The pitch for the whole show was, “What would a world look like in which the Evil Queen got her happy ending? It’s where we always hoped it would go, but it has taken the Evil Queen … That circle has been so dramatic and she’s gone so far, she’s grown so much, that to see the fruits of the writers’ labors was really satisfying. We’re ending it with Snow, the Evil Queen, and Charming.Though a difficult decision, it was one that we were very confident about. I realized in coming back and having had the show decide to tell its final story in this final episode, that I had always counted on this show as being here — I always counted on my being able to return, sort of like when we all go off to college, we know that home is still home.

Now knowing that home is being obliterated, as it were, that the sets will be torn down, I’ve been really overly emotional. It doesn’t help that the scenes, of which we are part, are classic scenes. The word “hope” is batted around an awful lot, so it is very nostalgic feeling. I wish that it could just go on forever and that we always knew that it would be here when we’re homesick.

I think that the part of us that wants to escape, can. I feel like everyone can find not just one, but probably several characters that they relate to, and whom they would want to be. I love extraordinary stories that are full of really relatable characters. Well, I like to think that it was the first of its kind.