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16-Sep-2020 09:42

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Don’t ask yourself “What could I do that would seem romantic?

As long as it makes her feel loved, it will be a success.

Be on the look out for upcoming concerts and buy tickets to her favourite acts as soon as they are announced. Especially peak experience activities like art (music) and sports (sky diving, rock climbing, skiing). Leave them under her pillow à la tooth fairy, replace the bookmark in her latest novel with them, or put them in her purse or clutch to find on her own time.

So take out your calendar, schedule it, and make it happen (like your love life depends on it).

Thoughtful and creative gestures are genuine ways to express feelings of love, especially from those individuals who have a hard time saying the words "I love you." Gestures of love occur in friendships as well as family and romantic relationships.

Then, when your date gets into the car, tell her that she has a little make up smudge on her chin. Create a collage of photos of the two of you if you’ve been dating for a while. Surprise her by making her an impressive looking meal – especially if you do it at her house while she is at work so she can come home to it at the end of her work day. Leave her a Post-It note in her wallet that says “Hello (nickname), I hope you are having a fantastic day. Because intelligent, compassionate, beautiful women like you deserve to have fantastic days – that’s why!