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In her tweet, Sia also gave a bit of a plug to her Christmas album, noting that "everyday is Christmas".Many users praised her for releasing the photo, describing the move as brave and powerful.For the record, Facebook was founded in 2004 — and Zuckerberg was 11 in 1995.I know these tech whizzes keep getting younger, but 11 seems to be pushing it. Willow Smith did not post a topless photo to Instagram.There is so much fake stuff on the Internet in any given week that we’ve grown tired of debunking it all. World News is, of course, a member of the class of sites that Facebook just promised to crack down on — but not soon enough, apparently. While we’re on the topic of fake news, this gem — shared a quarter of a million times, as of this writing — came from Empire News. NASA didn’t cut a live video stream from the International Space Station to hide a UFO. (We’ll blame it on some weird combination of obstetrical ignorance and tabloid gawking.) This non-story appeared on fake-news site World News Daily Report and credited a report in the “Western Australian Herald,” which hasn’t existed since the 19th century. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was not beaten nearly to death in jail.

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See why Free-Date is the fastest growing relationship site on the web.about decent people on here, people actually worth trying to talk to, great app with results, etc.Take my advice now, and don’t listen to them, they’re probably paid-for reviews. I’d say about the first two weeks on this app was smooth sailing, and not too bad of a first impression, but I’ve been using this app for nearly a month now and it’s the exact opposite of that first experience.we leave that to the conspiracy theorists among you.

(H/T to reader Shepherd Johnson for sending this one in.) 5. We’re not convinced that many people fell for this (very funny, very unsubtle) You Tube sketch, which claims to be a TV ad for “The Facebook,” c.1995.We provide the tools so you can flirt with winks or just identify if someone is hot or not.

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