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04-Nov-2020 12:27

Re-lactation is a complicated subject, and I am definitely not an expert.

All I can say is that re-lactation involves psychological, emotional and physiological issues, and that gets all very complicated.

Here's a quote that speaks to me - I hope it brings all women who are in an ANR some peace. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

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Like anything new, breastfeeding takes some practice.

This class will give you the knowledge needed to make you more comfortable with breastfeeding as well as the opportunity to ask questions to a Licensed Lactation Consultant, all free of charge to you!

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Whether its finding a partner, having a baby or getting a job, it just feels like some women have it all and others never seem to get it right. Some of us will have milky breasts right from go, and others will take a concotion of hormones and medicines, will pump and massage regularly only to be disappointed over and over.

For many mothers and babies, breastfeeding goes smoothly from the start.

For others, it takes a little time and several attempts to get the process going effectively.

The nature of adult breastfeeding, the act of holding your husband to your bare breast, of feeding him your nipple, of submitting yourself to his desires and to your desires - each day, every day, sometimes three times or four times a day - is the journey.

Whether your breasts produce milk right away or whether it takes weeks, months or even years for the first drops to flow is irrelevant.By the second trimester of pregnancy colostrum, a thick yellowish fluid, begins to be produced in the alveoli and continues to be produced for the first few days after birth until the milk "comes in", around 30 to 40 hours after delivery.