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17-Jun-2020 01:34

But apart from a few people who have negative opinions I just want to thank all of you or your kind words! I've been single for long enough to learn to be content with myself and be happy while being single. I agree that “what are we” being asked specifically can be super off-catching for some. ” And the other person freaks out or gets all whiny and says “You’re taking this too seriously. You’re weird for asking that blah blah blah” I think thats so immature. So I've always been a bit of a fat kid, low self-esteem, never really hit it off with the right person, etc.

I'm happy and grateful for everything; my career, my family, my friends and my health.

We've never hung out outside of work (except for lunches, and going out for drinks with a group).

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At the back of my mind, I have a thought that he only does this to groom someone way younger and naive.

I don’t know anymore, I see him everyday at work and that puts pressure on me.

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I could be crazy and played this all in my head, but is it possible to change the way you feel about someone?