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Carol Davis stated, "There are over 500 chemicals used in the fracking process and 2-4 million gallons of fresh water used in the fracking of each well. They are wasting millions of gallons of our precious water on one oil well.

That water becomes contaminated, radioactive 'brine' and will never be used again.

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Group member Debbie Gourneau opened the council meeting with a prayer and smudging, then talked about the Anishinaabe 'Water Teachings', sacred knowledge that originated with the tribe's forebear's on the eastern shores of the Atlantic Ocean and of the sacred water bundles the band here in the Turtle Mountains received 40 years ago.The tribal water code must be in place in the tribal court, here, too." Tamara Patneaud, a group member who is spearheading a reservation wide 'clean-up', talked about how we all take our water for granted and how the group is 'trailblazing' in a new direction with the rewriting and 'revitalization' of the water code. Gene Laducer ended the presentation by stating, "Our water is alive, and..want to protect it.