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22-Jul-2020 14:17

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Once, a long time ago, Nazis used to ban everything and everyone. One could also say what goes around comes around, though to be historically accurate what went around came around already in a pretty big way in 1945.

But if that’s the case then when will Facebook and Pay Pal ban Antifa?

We’re currently living in the latest chapter of the greatest ideological con job perpetrated on Western audiences, namely convincing people – to some extent quite successfully – that fascism and communism are quite different, can’t be equated, and the latter is much more respectable than the former.

FOR ANYONE with a basic grasp of history, a political conference called “National Conservatism” likely carries disturbing echoes of “National Socialism.” But the organizers of the “National Conservatism Conference,” which met in Washington, DC last week, take issue with that.

“It’s not the 1930s,” said Christopher De Muth, the former president of the American Enterprise Institute, in his opening remarks—De Muth insisted that the better historical analogy would be the religious “Great Awakenings” in England and America in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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I have no sympathy whatsoever with a fascist ideology and its practitioners, both old and new.

Hence the strident condemnations of the few neo-fascists around, and the strident defence of the deeply totalitarian anarcho-communism – because they are anti-fascist, so that makes them automatically the good guys.

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