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Toby tries (but usually fails) to enforce corporate policies and rules when Michael disregards them, typified by an incident in which he quashes Michael's plan to invite Boy Scouts to a Casino Night party: Actually, I didn't think it was appropriate to invite children since it's, uh, you know...there's gambling and alcohol..it's in our dangerous warehouse...it's a school night, and you know, uh... Michael on numerous occasions attempts to blame Toby for problems that are clearly his own fault such as in "The Merger" in which he questions Tony Gardner if he is quitting is because of Toby.

In "Classy Christmas" Michael vandalizes Holly's Woody doll (a gift from her boyfriend) and tries to convince her Toby did it.

In the Season 5 episode "Casual Friday", a diploma at his cubicle reveals Toby also has a B. Toby was in a seminary for a year but dropped out when he met his future wife.

The two moved to Scranton and had a daughter named Sasha. Toby loves his daughter and went the extra mile in "Moroccan Christmas" to buy her one of Dwight's Princess Unicorn dolls from Darryl Philbin, noting that his ex-wife "will be so pissed" and that "for once, Daddy's going to be a hero." However Darryl bought an African-American doll.

He joins the others occasionally but only for business matters, such as reviewing the company's sexual harassment policy and mediating conflict between employees.In his childhood, Toby was forced to testify against both of his parents when the two got divorced.He attended Bishop O'Hara High School and is a Penn State University alumnus. The Season 7 episode "Counseling" reveals he has a degree in social work from Temple University.Toby is also allergic to mushrooms ("Survivor Man").

Toby has an ongoing concern about the air quality at the office that borders on an obsession.Toby is an original character with no counterpart in the original British series.

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