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K Andrew's stamps are all made and assembled here in the USA, which is very important to Kristal.

This ensures all product materials are safe and that jobs are being provided and maintained here in America.

Beggars panhandle in the shadows of Riyadh’s luxury shopping malls, and just a few kilometers away families struggle to get by in the capital’s southern slums.

While the government has finally acknowledged that poverty is a problem in the kingdom, the world of the Saudi poor is largely hidden from sight (to read more, see the new article on Saudi Arabia in the international edition of TIME, available to subscribers here).

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FHEG was chosen by a selection committee consisting of SXU administrators and faculty, and approved by the SXU Board of Directors.Follett was identified as a company with the best experience, resources, technology, and course material offerings to support Saint Xavier University’s students, faculty, and staff.Follett is scheduled to begin managing the SXU Campus Bookstore on “Through this wonderful partnership with Follett, we’ll be able to provide an exceptional local, full-service campus bookstore that offers affordable course materials for both our school and student’s individual needs. With this new partnership, Follett will bring the largest inventory of course materials and a network of more than 8,000 publishers and providers to offer students the greatest selection of affordable course material options.All of the FUN will start RIGHT HERE at the Getting Cricky Ustream Channel at 9pm EST (6pm PST)...

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The Saudi state offers free health care and education, but little in the way of income assistance or food stamps.