Disabled girl dating sim

09-Dec-2020 21:02

Teens have no physical confidence, unrefined self-expression skills and no self-awareness, I get it.They make a hash out of it and it’s overly mechanical and even silly – so why would you want to render that literally in a game that’s supposed to be a fantasy, the way this game does?Background characters are unsettling, given grating “quirks” that make me wonder if the creators intended to imply that people with mental and social illness are being treated at the special school, too. There is absolutely nothing pleasurable or compelling about Katawa Shoujo, save for the fact it exists.Hisao bonds with girlfriends through jaw-droppingly dull and repetitive conversations and behaviors; runs at the track, visits to the nurse, trips to a teashop, shopping for groceries. I mean, maybe the game wants to make a statement that those routines are… It hardly even matters that the game gives you so few choices to branch the plot. Yet that’s no small thing, its existence, that it was born entirely from a strange internet culture nebula and the dogged effort of those devoted to bringing it to life.Rather than repeat myself, I’ll direct you to this bit I wrote back in 2010 – if you’re confused, horrified, don’t get why Katawa Shoujo exists or who would want to play it, et cetera, you should read it. Bearing in mind that the game is a crowdsourced fan project, it’s sort of incredible that it exists, is finished, in the first place. And it’s absolutely, inarguably incredible how much polish there is on it.

And as silly as that sounds – how could that be erotic or meaningful to anyone, you wonder – I still maintain that those games quite reasonably and often fascinatingly knit with the needs of their audience, especially in the form’s modern state.Eroge protagonists are usually and for obvious reasons a kind of cipher whose first-person inner monologue goes rather logically with the flow of the story, interspersed with occasional bursts of aggression – a lot of times you don’t even see his face, only a looming male shape attached to a penis during the sex scenes.At other times, his job as stand-in for the player is more direct, and he can be tasked with working out issues of his own by interacting with the girls in the story.Through his interaction with the game’s characters, he generally “rescues” one or many girls (more rarely, women) from herself, or from some more quantifiable aggressor.

Common themes: Girl is too stubborn to let anyone love her, girl is terrified of interaction with others, girl is imprisoned by low self-esteem (or by some kind of demon bondage queen that presumably represents her low-self esteem, or something).

I put “weird” in quotes, by the way, because I actually tasked myself with understanding and explicating them.