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I thought she was kidding and just went along with it.

Fortunately, I’d been thinking of what I’d possibly write on an inscription for her. But as we sat there and chatted, it dawned on me how special this friendship is. It really reinforced how unique that friendship really is.

But that’s a long time to wait for a credibility lift.

So, I went back to a thought I had in January ’18 when I began my Dating Into Oblivion writing challenge.

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That’s a network I’d like to be social in, so I’m a week on unexpected surprises…that little occurrence ices my cake. PS: I’m filing this under “work”, that’s me manifesting a solid side gig as an author. Getting that kink out basically came down to making the assumption that you should paste or enter content into the space where the dialogue box . – It’s better to start the publishing process with your hard copy and then go to your e-book afterward. – There seems to only be spellcheck in the paperback process, too. My impatience taught me another lesson: My first stab at publishing warned me that it could take up to 72 hours for formatting to be approved and the book to go live. What I learned as I was researching self-publishing was that having more than one title available lent a significant credibility advantage to self-published authors.

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Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. Ensuring the safety of our clients is our top priority. For more information about the terms of your profile’s extended visibility, click here.Profiles are moderated and your personal data is protected. For any complaints and enquiries you may contact us here.That being said, I totally wrote in the first person.

Then my plan was to just publish No One Of Consequence with a tentative release date of April 1st – because of course I would release my novel on April Fool’s Day.

People who know my friendship with The Fox will know he’s more likely than not to need to run to the store for bananas on any given errand day. In looking at my profile page, I realized that in the last week I’ve my followers. I’m not saying I now have Kardashian or influencer-level followers, but the followers themselves are significant. Can you believe I can’t get a regular job with that attitude? Here’s what I learned from my first crack: – Cover design is pretty easy in Amazon, no need to pay for any software to create one. Too big for a paperback, too small for a coffee table book. As it was, my novel went live on 3/25 and I’m just going to be content with that reality. And, please, if it’s not too much to ask…share this post if you think you have folks in your readership I’d appreciate you reposting or sharing this to get it in front of them. And in the meantime, enjoy this picture of what I encountered when searching for myself of the Amazon. Sometimes you straight folk don’t make such clever kids. For right now, just know that this was the progression of my childhood nicknames: Grade School – Gallbladderbreath Middle School – Girlbreath High School – Ballbreath Now, even though I knew they were onto something with that last one, when my brother coined the nickname Alright, this is late news in Word Press-Land…but as of 3/11/19, I am officially a (self) published writer.