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27-Jun-2020 10:06

Fly business class on Northwest Airlines flight 11 from Detroit to Narita. Another time, it was a set of components for automobiles. Take this flight, and the entire map of China becomes an imagined collection of sources for the banal pieces that together make up your daily life.

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We’re all very busy rationalizing on the globalization express.) But here’s the thing that really struck me, this time, that seemed blogworthy—and bloglike, in its own way. There’s always this tremendous excitement in those voices, the middle-aged man who can’t imagine what awaits in this new frontier.

(And then there are people like me, who use different rationalizations.

My job is to help a manufacturing company compete better in China, turn the Chinese into budding durable good consumers. GET OFF THE PLANE, IT’S GOING TO CRASH, the newspaper headlines might as well have said.

“They don’t make enough money to buy a car, they just ride bikes.” His face revealed the shock of someone who didn’t realize what it meant to outsource his factory until he realized that his counterparts in China couldn’t even buy what most engineers in the US would consider a bare necessity.

It’s the bicycles, I think, that really got to these guys.

(In fact, I’ll be damned if I don’t keep sitting next to moderate Democrats. He put aside his trade journals and listened, rapt, to learn about the election he basically missed while he was out of the country.