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According to the OED, the first recorded use of this meaning occurred in 1843, and by 1850 it was common.

The word may also mean mysterious, eerie, or ghostly.

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Or they may assign the same Gothic-ficiton-writers to different categories, e.g., the weird tale or the occult tale or the tale of terror .

So Calvin said, "Of nature is giltinesse, and sanctification is of supernaturall grace." Later in the century, the word was extended to mean relating to, dealing with, or characterized by what is above nature.eerie: From 1300 on, eerie meant fearful and timid; today, the word has narrowed to a specific kind of fear–a vague superstitious uneasiness.

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It is used as a synonym for weird and uncanny, as well as for gloomy and strange; the eerie arouses fear.uncanny: The usual meaning of uncanny is having a supernatural character or being mysterious, weird, uncomfortably strange or unfamiliar.It has unique properties that only occur, or occur most frequently, in a campus setting.

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