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Extra capacity was obtained by sacrificing the error correction (it was believed that minor errors in the datastream would go unnoticed by the viewer). VCD enjoyed a brief period of success, with a few major feature films being released in the format (usually as a 2 disc set).However the introduction of the CD-R disc and associated recorders stopped the release of feature films in their tracks because the VCD format had no means of preventing unauthorized (and perfect) copies from being made.The commercial failure of the CD-i player meant that the VCD format did not gain any traction in North America, Europe and Australia, though there were several additional reasons as well, aside from the one already mentioned, chief amongst them the advent of the qualitative superior DVD format (ironically co-developed by Philips), introduced hard on the heels of the VCD.Ultimately, Philips released around 125 titles, including seven Star Trek titles, in the aforementioned markets, before they threw in their lot with DVD in the latter half of the 1990s.VCD however, was a commercial success in regions where average per capita income was substantially lower than in the developed world, such as Latin America, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, mainland China, and South East Asia (published under Deltamac), due to the relatively low cost of both players and discs, explaining why the majority of the older DVD players were still capable of playing the format.In recent years however, VCD started as of 2011 to rapidly lose market share to DVD in these areas due to the fall of DVD prices, they themselves losing market share to the Blu-ray Disc and, more recently and importantly, to the rapidly increasing worldwide popularity of the digital video-on-demand streaming services by such companies as, most conspicuously, Netflix.

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Funguje jako trpělivý zpovědník, hromosvod všech konfliktů a pro Serge Haulupu jako vysněná performerka, třebaže jeho umělecká díla pro ni znamenají značné ponížení. This is emphasized by the fact that most of the newer generations of DVD/Blu-ray players no longer support the format.