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01-Sep-2020 04:25

This is the equivalent of 'you're my everything' or 'you mean the world to me'. On the other hand, if you really hate the idea of love, you might don some liebestöter or "love/passion killers". This term usually describes an old bachelor who has chosen a life of solitude simply because they prefer being alone.

These large, sometimes knee-covering underpants (think long johns) are worn to keep away potential suitors by simply by being unattractive.

Take your pick from Liebste(r), Mausi, Schatz or Liebling, which all translate to something along the lines of love, sweetie, sweetheart or darling.

If it's getting close to mid-February and you'd like to try something a bit old-fashioned, Vielliebchen is a slightly dated way to call someone your valentine. Dein ist mein ganzes Herz This phrase means your's is my heart alone, your's is my entire heart or your heart is my delight. Malu Dreyer, the minister-president for Rhineland-Palatinate, is photographed in February 2017 holding up a heart-shaped sign. Ich steh' auf dich Another gem for the early days of dating would be ich steh' auf dich, which simply means "I'm into you".

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