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Any discussion about archaeological looting and unprovenanced Biblical artifacts, which are Bible artifacts found outside of a professional excavation, must include the case of the most important Biblical artifacts found in the Middle East: the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery.Although the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) and the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) have banned the publication of articles and the presentation of papers about unprovenanced objects and Biblical artifacts in a recent attempt to curb archaeological looting and forgery of Bible artifacts found in Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery shows that Biblical artifacts found without a stratified context are by no means worthless.Finally, director William Moffett of the Huntington Library in California decided to release images of the unpublished scrolls on a microfilm strip that had been deposited in the library as a security measure in case the originals were lost. They contain the oldest manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible by nearly 1,000 years, and they continue to change our understanding of first-century Judaism, the origins of Christianity, the development of the Biblical canon and Hebrew textual traditions.Although Israel first considered suing the library (and the Biblical Archaeology Society), saner minds eventually prevailed, and the scrolls were declared open and available to all. Tags: about the bible Amarna Tablets Antiquities archaeological archaeological excavation archaeological looting archaeologist archaeologists Archaeology artifacts found bethlehem Bible bible artifacts bible artifacts found Biblical biblical arch Biblical Archaeology biblical archaeology society Biblical Artifacts biblical artifacts found biblical scholar biblical scholars biblical scholarship biblicalarchaeology bullae Clay Bullae dead sea dead sea scroll Dead Sea Scrolls Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery essene Essenes hebrew Hebrew Bible hebrew text incantation bowls isaiah jerusalem john c.The majority of scholars believe Qumran was the monastery-like settlement of a Jewish sect known as Essenes, to whom the scrolls belonged. D., when Roman legionaries overran the Judean Desert on their way to destroying Jerusalem and the Temple (which they did in 70 A. The most famous, or infamous, of the caves is Cave 4, found by the Bedouin practically under the noses of the archaeologists digging at the adjacent ruins.Other suggestions range from a caravanserai to a pottery factory. Cave 4 contained more than 500 different manuscripts, but all in tatters.Study of these oldest biblical manuscripts has contributed enormously to scholarship.The Temple Scroll is one of the many hundreds of scrolls and scroll fragments that comprise the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery, the oldest Biblical manuscripts and best-known Biblical artifacts found in recent history.

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Instead of a bleating sheep, he heard the sound of breaking pottery.

Muhammad edh-Dhib, known as “the Wolf” , is credited with discovering the first Dead Sea Scrolls when he entered Cave 1 in search of a lost sheep.

This resulted in some of the most famous Biblical artifacts found in the process of archaeological looting. Trever Three of the scrolls, including the Book of Isaiah, were acquired in Bethlehem by Eleazar L.

Ultimately a total of 11 caves were found (mostly by the Bedouin) containing ancient manuscripts. About 80 percent of them had been looted by the Bedouin before the archaeologists discovered the cave.

Khalil Iskander Shahin (“Kando”) was a cobbler from Bethlehem with an antiquities shop in back.

When he was unable to sell them in Jerusalem, he took them to the United States, where they were displayed in the Library of Congress.

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