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He looked back to his daughter, who was pumping the base of Patrick's cock with her hand, her lips wrapped firmly around the swollen head. Completely traditional, not counting his voyeuristic streak, Bryan could never bring himself to ask his wife directly to do such a thing.She's jerking him off into her mouth, Bryan thought. Their sex was quite ordinary, no ropes or chains, nothing kinky-- they wouldn't even be having sex these days, if he hadn't had a vasectomy, to remove the pregnancy problem.She let her robe fall to the tile floor and, naked, bent to turn on the water for her bath.While she fiddled with the knobs, trying to get the temperature right, Bryan studied her lovely bare bottom and rubbed his cock.Both Patrick and dad smiled in appreciation of the breasts that had poured out of the white cups. Peripherally, Bryan saw Stephanie sit up slightly in the tub then fall back, obviously coming, her eyes closed and her mouth opened.

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Kneeling so she was facing her own house, she dipped her head over his lap and took his prick into her mouth.

Deirdre paused, her pussy brushing the end of Patrick's cock.

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