Dating sites for punk rockers

27-Nov-2020 16:01

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the occasional hookup, but I also want something more real than that. If I have to spend one more Friday night rallying my girlfriends to go out to a show after everyone is wiped out from a week of work, or a week of looking for work, I might have to go on a crying jag and that is so not punk rock. I would research this for you myself, but I wouldn't want my girlfriend freaking out if she saw that popping up in my search history I've had a lot of friends - male and female - tell me the same thing about online dating.I never tried it really because I actually am a bit of a wallflower I guess. But on the plus side, the increased volume has to improve your odds of finally landing on the right person, no?

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We suggest you also read our “What is PRB” bio to get all the details about how PRB came to be, but in short, it’s a get together of 15,000 of your fellow punk rockers, in the only city crazy enough to have us, Las Vegas!

How Do I Get my Kick Ass Band On One Of The PRB Shows? We have a long list of bands that would love to play, but you are welcome to fill out this BAND SUBMISSION FORM with your information (please do not hit us up on social media) and we’ll add you to the list of bands to check out. Follow up emails by bands will definitely NOT help your chances, so please DON’T bother!