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05-Aug-2020 14:05

From coming out moments, to discovering sexual and gender identity, "Are You the One?

" tells powerful stories about navigating relationships and finding love as a sexually fluid individual." The show will also weigh in on the what it calls, "the lack of LGBT representations in media. Frankie, a relationship expert who works with the singles to help them become better daters and navigate between drama, poor choices, and reoccurring patterns in relationships," the press release continued.

chronicles how Dee Dee, believed to be suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, was falsifying Gypsy's medical history and treatment plan to make her daughter seem much sicker than she was in real life.

The show leads up to Dee Dee's 2015 murder, for which the real Gypsy is now serving a 10-year sentence.

reported that Gypsy treated her friend and neighbor Aleah Woodmansee (whom Lacey is based on in the show) as a Google of sorts. "Gypsy just wanted to be a regular teen." is based on reported that Gypsy Rose did indeed have a secret Facebook account under the name Emma Rose, just like in the show.

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The year before, she had appeared on an HBO special in which she fielded questions about her life, town-hall style.

[But] I was always up for something that I was actually building with my hands.