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"I think we have a right to be proud of him," said Bill Mc Cabe. " "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger asked Evelyn."Oh yeah, Canadian goose, big sucka! "There was forensic evidence, but it wasn't really meaningful because you couldn't tie it to anyone in particular."But the case looked promising at first.

" she exclaimed."It's fun to watch you talk about this cause your eyes light up. A witness had spotted a car near the crime scene that night.

keep his memory," he told "48 Hours." Bill Mc Cabe also tried to make sure the police never forgot his son."I was always on the phone talking to the police. So the following year, the two of them left the area," said Leone. "You can't just do something wrong and not have to pay for it..." he said. Investigators had gone back over the files and a name jumped out at them in Mike Ferreira's latest interview with police. uh, with his legs up in the air and his -- his head turned sideways.

And the Mc Cabe family was left without any answers ... With each passing season, John Mc Cabe's case grew colder, but his mother kept asking the most painful questions about how he died."I tried to strangle myself just to visualize what it felt like," Evelyn Mc Cabe said. The case stalled for some 30 years, until November 2000, when Jack Ward, a childhood friend of John's, made good on a decades old promise to Bill."He would say, 'Jackie, have you heard anything about John? "'You keep your eyes out and let me know.' And I says, 'If I ever hear anything, Mr. In recounting the night of the murder, Ferreira said he was with Walter Shelley, but this time he added a name and said "the other guy" with them was Alan Brown."Edward Alan Brown's name surfaces as someone who we're gonna focus on," said Leone. Then they said--that, "This -- this'll teach you to -- to mess with Marla anymore." And we got in the car and left. we started to drive off and one of 'em said that he wasn't breathing."Alan Brown's a friggin' liar, and I mean, they know that," Ferreira said.

26, 1969, Evelyn gave him permission to go to a dance at the Knights of Columbus Hall."Took a shower, scrubbed his hair, put his father's aftershave on. Ferreira told police that while the dance was under way, he left Williams and met up with his best friend, Walter Shelley. He was brought in for questioning and later polygraphed five times.

He didn't shave but he put his father's aftershave on. So I went down to the dance and checked the road, screaming out the window. "Me, Walter and Bob Ryan took a ride to Lowell tryin' to get some beer," he said. The tests showed he was "lying in all vital areas of the questioning." "If you read the reports," Leone explained, "now you start seeing Ferreira and Shelley, Shelley and Ferreira."Ferreira was questioned multiple times. 'Yeah I did it.' They knew I was jokin," Ferreira said.

"Morley's own brothers went in and said that they thought he might've been involved in it," Schlesinger noted to Leone."Yeah ... Leone says Morley's brothers were mistaken."I think what happens in matters like this is people will say, 'Sure, you should take a look at X or Y because they have a profile of somebody who would do something like this and they were around the area at the time.' But then you have to look at the evidence and see whether or not the evidence leads you to believe that they had anything to do with it," said Leone. "48 Hours" had questions for Marla Shiner too, but she declined our request for an interview.

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