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21-Aug-2020 01:38

About a week ago, my friend Jeff Aragaki of Aracom Amps mentioned people finding great vintage gear in pawn shops.I kind of stored that tidbit away for future reference, mainly because there aren’t any pawn shops really close to where I live.On the Revival Stratocaster,the saddles were stamped like Fenders, except bore the F. Most Japanese guitar manufacturers used the model number to reflect the list price of the guitar.The Burny Super Grade Les Pauls have been reported by many recording and gigging professionals as “the best” clone of theoriginal 50’s and 60’s Les Pauls.But today, I happened to park in front of a pawn shop (I work about 20 miles from where I live), and after lunch, on a whim, decided to go in.This was a little pawn shop that mostly specialized in jewelry, but they had a number of amps and guitars as well.

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The bell-shape cover with a thin white band and ridges sticking out from the side are foundon mid-1980s to early 1990’s models.

They say the feel of the neck is identical and especially enjoy the tone of the pickups.

They were looking for stage replacements for their ,000 Les Paul, and the Burny’s seemed to be the answer.

It had a nice, white finish with a maple neck (I LOVE maple necks), and it was obviously well-used from where I could see it.

The shop owner walked up, and I asked to inspect the guitar. I had heard of Fernandes guitars being very high-quality for a great price, but upon seeing the workmanship up close for the first time, I was very impressed.Currently, Burny/Fernandes is still making high-end Gibson and Fender replica guitars in Japan, but has also opened up a factory in China that initially made cheaper models that weren't up to par with the Japanese-made guitars, but apparently are now finding their groove and are turning out decent guitars.