Dating an italian guy

26-Jan-2021 22:52

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I didn’t realise people could be so compatible and so complimentary of one another until I met him. I moved to Berlin in August 2012 from England to start my professional career as a dancer. Raphael, a German martial arts teacher here in Berlin, eight years my senior, had managed to sweep me off my feet and I haven’t hit the ground since.… continue reading »

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We just know that there is a time and place for being loud and whatever time it was didn’t happen to be that. You just have to remember that we’ve literally never had to cohabitate (college and roommates aside unless you’re a total freak like me and weaseled your way to a single in the dorms and lived alone the second you could afford it) with anyone other than our parents so watching someone use our stuff is still a little foreign.… continue reading »

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