Dating advice for young christian women

11-Aug-2020 04:03

Some of these did not make it to my list because they are not KJV only (which I prefer).

As a man or woman dedicated to the Christian faith - and with a devout focus on God’s place in our daily lives - navigating the waters of modern dating can be tricky indeed.

In Changed Into His Image, Jim Berg uses lots of Scripture and biblical Truth to show Christians how to become more like Christ -which should be the goal of every Christian.

Any young woman who wants to become more like Christ should read this book!

I would recommend this book to any young woman desiring to make biblical choices in her early adult years. Reading this book I was reminded of the importance of God’s Word, wisdom, wise mentors and counselors, etc. Again, all Scripture is taken from the King James Version of the Bible. For that reason, I believe that reading this book will inspire you to pursue God and know Him as well.

So many of us lack the desire to have a close and intimate relationship with God.

) that I have personally read and Each one may help you in a different area of your life, but they will all help you grow spiritually and become a better Christian.

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This book is “chock-full” of practical and biblical advice for girls and young women.

While a lot of the advice may seem “old-fashioned”, so much can still be applied today.

Any young woman who wants to glean practical and biblical advice for her earlier years will enjoy this book! Just like her other books, A Woman After God’s Own Heart is full of practical advice on how to “become the woman of excellence God designed you to be”.

In a world that constantly promotes gender equality, this book teaches girls and young woman (and older women too!

) the “whys” and “hows” of being a truly This is an old-fashioned book written for much younger girls.

Any young woman who wants to follow God in each area of her life and become a woman after God’s heart should read this book!