Dating a old tricycle

04-Sep-2020 01:26

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Manufacturers sprung up overnight and disappeared just as quickly the next day. The tubing sizes and frame angles suggest that it was a mid-level racing bike bike from the 1920s. The 1890’s, just like the 1990’s, was a boom period for bicycles and for the companies that made them. This is an awesome and unusual racing bike from Australia. Campagnolo attempted to revive that idea with their own version in about 1995. The CAE features a New Departure coaster brake hub (that part is from Connecticut) and some really narrow pedals that squeeze the sides of a size 9 foot. By the way, Sager made seats that were pneumatically adjustable for plushness in the 1890’s.A “road” bike had to handle similar demands to that of today’s off-road bicycles. Now, if you were looking for a deluxe bike to take the place of a car (or horse), you need it to be ready to ride regardless of the weather or the time of night. The fenders are in great shape, and there’s a “reflector” on the back.

This particular bike is a reproduction that was made in 1997, and Columbia brought every detail of the original to life.

Emil Wastyn built racing bikes in Chicago for three decades prior to World War II, and he was hired by Schwinn to build the very first Schwinn Paramount in 1937. This bike is an Oscar Wastyn Special, built by Emil’s son sometime in the late 1930’s.