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01-Jul-2020 21:17

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Chapter II: In 2017, that changed when we bought Get Smarter, which partners with top universities around the globe to offer masters-level, certificate-based short courses on disruptive technologies and in-demand functional skills, whether that’s blockchain and AI or managerial finance and project management.

Last year, we took another step when we launched our first master’s level professional certificate — the Harvard Business Analytics Program (“HBAP”).

And this is where things get confusing: We've seen the "Greatness is Earned" logo before, nearly a month ago now, on the repackaged are among them, we're doubting (and hoping) they won't all get the dark and brooding look.

We've listed all eight titles after the break in for your perusal.

Kent French was a clapper act from Season 2 of America's Got Talent. Kent has a degree in music performance as a percussionist.

He also did some promotions for companies on the internet.

At the beginning, we had an idea and a vision — simple, yet bold — that great universities could thrive in the digital age and help eliminate the back row in higher education if they brought the best of themselves online.

More than a decade later with 36 university partners and counting, we’ve proven that true.

He was featured on MSN, Yahoo and Myspace home pages.

He was on CNN, G4, ESPN Brazil, NBC's Guinness Top 100 Records Special, a random show in Chicago and Good Morning America.

Then once someone said, "Well..., maybe you are the world's fastest clapper".

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