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28-Jan-2021 11:33

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Loving a person can be shown in a lot of ways and doing something that is best for the person you love is one of the greatest.Bottom line, we want the person we love to be happy and being with them bring such.

I was actually worried with his character because he was ill-tempered and easily angered. The moment he said The plot of the story where love is staged or there’s a certain set up for it, is absurd. Their clients are like stage actors, with lines to throw and backdrop to enhance an ambiance.The man lacks sincerity since I believe if a man wants to pursue a woman wholeheartedly, he’d have his own ideas and ways. Also, he did patiently waited and done his own part to win Hee-joong. Though I’ve watched few episodes of World’s Within. In this movie, I gotta say, he’s such a good actor that I was teary eyed and touched during the car break up scene. Also the scene he had with Uhm while asking to help him, you can just feel his pain.. Uhm’s acting, on the other hand, he’s a veteran and you can’t question him.His determination is vital and that’s why he deserves the girl. When the story dealt with his pain, the love he once had but he let slip away, there’s such a great impact with the emotion he gave.Surely her best boy bud, Cyrus (Jake Short), the witty, super-smart tech nerd with the gigantic schnoz can help. Christian gets advice from his bud Lee (Jake Smith, a dead ringer for Jake Short, save for the nose). “You get to do the work, he gets to do...” But he wants Roxy to be happy, wants to give her a version of himself that is smart, romantic AND handsome. Well, “This one had Archie in it.” The first laugh in “#Roxy” is seeing the high school principal, the guy who barks into the PA system to silence everybody, then barks again to get some “school SPIRIT.” He keeps a framed photo of “Machete” in his office.

He’s just hack/humiliated a cruel jock at the school pep rally and the administration is on his case. If you know “Cyrano,” you pretty much know how this goes. The principal is Danny Trejo, and he summons a giggle in every scene he’s in.

But then I realized his simplicity and that’s actually his persona that Hee Joong liked. All to help win the girl of a mans dream, so to speak. Just that, the way this movie presented it is ridiculous.

I spent too much time blindly follow good-intentioned advice and not thinking for myself early on when dating online.… continue reading »

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