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13-Sep-2020 12:26

In amongst the nitty-gritty of solution development what had started as a ‘straightforward’ website redevelopment soon unravelled in to something a lot less clear-cut.Why were these websites ever separate in the first place?! Appreciating the initial thought process is key to understanding the brand heritage and position in the industry.This stops unauthorized changes from being made to any account, locking down your domain name settings and more. Registry Lock secures your domain at “ground zero,” the Registry operator, and requires an authorized individual at your domain registrar to submit a request to the Registry to unlock the domain name.For those who want to take additional precautions to protect their domains and brands, Registrar Lock can be turned-on for any individual domain in your account, securing it from transfer, deletion or updates by preventing any changes to your name-server information. The registrar is then contacted via phone and required to provide an individual security phrase in order for the name to be unlocked.As for the other considerations, here’s what you should take stock of before making your decision. Branding, audience, and product will have a strong steer in your ultimate decision.

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The solution, is to use a single SPF TXT record that contains all your records and making individual domains point to that specific record by using the include option.Quite different brands operating in different sectors, both with a handful of websites to their name.