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It’s helpful when advertisers can get a window into the FTC’s thinking about certain ad claims — and five recent settlements with companies that sell replacement windows offer just that.

According to the FTC, the businesses made exaggerated and unsupported representations about the energy efficiency of their windows, and about how much money people could save on their heating and cooling bills by having them installed. Things like: In celebration of Halloween — and with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe — here’s our take on what companies can do to make sure spooky business practices don’t come back to haunt them. I came upon the Trade Commission’s Section 5 with all revisions.

When a buyer is confident you’ll stand by your product, you’ve probably created a customer for life.

One measure of that is how you honor your obligations under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

A tank top and cut-offs are perfect for a balmy day in Boca Raton, just as a down parka and fuzzy mittens will ward off the shivers in Sheboygan.

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But servicemembers and their families also face unique challenges, like frequent relocations and deployment.

Coldplay sang “Fix You,” but if the group had been referring to their tech devices, cars, or other products in need of repair, their efforts could have consumer protection ramifications.

A July 16, 2019, FTC event, Nixing the Fix: A Workshop on Repair Restrictions, will focus on the state of the repair marketplace. That may sound like an eclectic shopping list at a big box retailer, but they’re clues to an FTC development you and your clients should know about.

Once upon a midnight lawful Pondering practices, good and awful, Reading through the U. These days many shoppers wouldn’t think of buying a product without checking if it comes with a written warranty.

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And companies in it for the long haul understand the importance of living up to their promises if something goes kablooey. It wasn’t until 1975 — when Congress passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act — that federal teeth were added to consumer warranty protections.A favorite trick for rip-off artists is to pretend to represent a trustworthy and respected organization.