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22-May-2020 17:52

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Dating in the real world is a bit—OK, WAY—different from dating in college.

You're Going to Have to Put in a Bit More Effort. But you're going to have to actively put effort into putting yourself in situations where you're likely Just graduated college? The rules change the moment you hand in the keys to your dorm room.

And if you like each other, you plan for a second one.

And a third, and a fourth…You're Going to Be Broke.

While I am by no means averse to being romantically involved with men at Harvard, the past three years here have put made me ambivalent toward my dating prospects on campus.

Instead, I have turned to the “dating” apps that rarely lead to serious relationships, braving the inevitable corny pick-up lines and overt invitations.

Meeting people in college is as simple as going to class. To help you absorb the culture shock, here are the key tips you'll need to prepare you for this new reality. Not only will this make for a fun post-college social life, you'll be constantly expanding your network and meeting new (potentially single, potentially interesting) people.

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When it comes to dating, the early twenties are a tricky time.Do you ever gasp at the gaggle of non-Harvard girls at parties, balking at their question, “Do you go to Harvard”?I do, because there is something upsetting about the idea that Harvard guys would outsource their party guests, affirming the cultural reality where the Harvard name works against women in social contexts.Guys may be used to the idea of paying for their dates' meals and drinks and tickets, but it's possible that the guys you date after college cannot afford to be chivalrous.

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Which is fine, because it's 2013, and you're more than able to step up to the plate.If going to class isn't really your style, there are myriad other ways to meet potential love interests—walking across the quad, for example. Meeting people in college is as simple as going to class. If you're moving to a new city, this will be easy—everyone you meet will be new, and you're more likely to say yes to social invitations when you're trying to establish a social life in a new place. But whether it's a get-together, an activity group, a book club, or signing up for online dating, if you want to meet someone, you're going to have to actually put in the effort and try.