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26-Dec-2020 02:14

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We both know I’m disabled – we can’t pretend otherwise – but I’m still me.

‘Once, we even had someone offer to take him for a drink ‘to give him a break’ which I was really taken aback by. We always just talk about it afterwards and make sure each other are okay, as we don’t want to react at the time and cause a scene.’ Jasmine also gets upset when people talk about her as if she isn’t there, which often falls in with the assumption that Alex is her carer.

” ‘When we are out on dates, though, he will purposefully squeeze my hand or do something like that, to make it clear we are a couple.

‘Although he does help me a lot with my health issues, he is, first and foremost, my boyfriend.

‘We learnt the hard way that shock is a trigger too, after a friend jumped out on me as a joke and I fainted.

He felt awful, but knows not to do it now.’ In January 2015 things came to a head and Jasmine ‘completely crashed’ – ending up bedbound for a month.

The results showed that, in addition to her other conditions, she also had Po TS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).

‘It’s an abnormal increase in the heart rate that occurs after sitting up or standing,’ she explained.

Once, when we were out on a date together, a lady even asked what time he finished work.

We’ve literally been asked about our sex life on the bus before.

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