Bulk updating gem source

18-Jan-2021 05:11

bulk updating gem source-21

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The mode of operation of the Bulk API is that you open a job, submit (usually quite large) batches of records against that job, and then kick it off.The Bulk API then goes off and does its thing, in parallel or serial mode as configured.This is to prevent any other process/operation to cause any conflicting updates on the same record.When a record is being updated or created, we place a lock on that record to prevent another operation from updating the record at the same time and causing inconsistencies on the data.

It's a PDF; on the second page you'll see Basically, it sounds like you're combining three things that are high-risk for lock contention (parent-child data skew, large volume data loads, and a data model with a predilection for parent record locks) and you got it in spades. I have installed it on my Vista machine before, but never really given it a go.