Brady quinn and alicia sacramone dating

23-Mar-2020 06:30

The Alicia Sacramone, Brady Quinn wedding happened last weekend and the happy, athletic couple showed off their classic smiles in photos.Alicia Sacramone, a member of the silver medal winning Team USA at the 2008 Summer Olympics, had been dating Brady Quinn since 2007. The last Cleveland QB to date a nationally-recognized female? ” While Sacramone and Quinn seem like an unlikely coupling, she confirmed the relationship in an interview with a gymnastics website: USA Gymnastics: I hear you’ve been attending a lot of Cleveland Browns football games lately. I’m dating Brady Quinn (the quarterback for Cleveland) so I travel to Cleveland on Sunday afternoons for home games.Sacramone, now retired, has won four gold medals in the World Championships since she emerged on the gymnastics scene in 2002.But her photos in the While Alicia Sacramone is one of the most revered gymnasts ever, Brady Quinn has had a more difficult professional journey.With NFL free agency ramping up this week, Quinn is hoping to catch on with a team in need of a back up quarterback.

Whether Quinn will continue to pursue his NFL career remains to be seen.Maybe he’s going for high profile chicks to confirm he’s not gay despite what people on TV might think.

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