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Sometimes a “ceremony” or “rite of passage” of some kind (on the analogy of the Jewish Bar- or Bat-Mitzvah) can be helpful in redefining roles and establishing new parameters.

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Our counselors would be happy to come alongside you in any way they can.Now that our son is past eighteen, should he still obey us?The Bible says that children should "obey" and "submit to" their parents (Ephesians 6:1; Colossians ), but he says that because he's an adult, this commandment no longer applies to him. At what point does an adult child become fully independent of his parents' control?Naturally, we’d be in a much better position to comment if we had some more detailed information about your family.

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We’d like to know, for instance, how far “past 18” your daughter is and whether she’s living at home or on her own.Does this mean that he has the prerogative to adopt a dismissive attitude toward you or to disparage your values and opinions? As Christians, we know that there is as his parents but as fellow human beings and as his brother and sister in Christ (Ephesians ; Philippians 2:3; I Peter 5:5).

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