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17-Dec-2020 07:41

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9) Limited affection They may be stingy with physical affection or show physical affection only during sex.

Their libido may diminish the closer you get or the deeper the relationship grows.

They may hold on to fantasies about a past lover in a way that makes a past relationship feel somehow unfinished, unresolved, or still alive in the present, making them less emotionally available to you.

3) Buzz kills They may sabotage a relationship when things are going well by becoming childish, angry, sullen or picky.

They may set in stone some condition at the start of a relationship, for example, saying something like, “I am not the marrying type,” or “I will never give up my freedom for anything or anyone,” or “I could never imagine living with someone.” 11) Distancing They may stonewall when you want to address relationship issues.

Their motto: “I’m all I’ve got.” 6) Suspiciousness Avoidant partners may find it difficult to trust others.They may focus on what is not working or what could become a problem rather than embracing the positives in your relationship, thus dampening feelings and slowing a relationship’s growth.