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Asian Americans are often stereotyped as the “model minority.” Their sizeable presence at elite universities and high household incomes have helped construct the narrative of Asian American “exceptionalism.” While many scholars and activists characterize this as a myth, pundits claim that Asian Americans’ educational attainment is the result of unique cultural values.

In , sociologists Jennifer Lee and Min Zhou offer a compelling account of the academic achievement of the children of Asian immigrants.

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Anna Mae Routledge (born Anna Mae Wills on March 31, 1982 in Windsor, ON, Canada) is a Canadian actress.

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s The Suite Life on Deck) stars with Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Kyle XY) in this spellbinding comedy about what happens when your most outrageous wishes?

However, Chung also finds that these adaptive strategies come at a considerable social and psychological cost and do less to reconcile the social stresses that minority immigrant families endure today.

not only gives readers a new appreciation for the often painful generation gap between immigrants and their children, it also reveals the love, empathy, and communication strategies families use to help bridge those rifts.

Her feature film credits include 2012, directed by Roland Emmerich, and I Love You, Beth Cooper.

She graduated from the University of Windsor in 2004 with a BFA.

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