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Candidates may also use the portal to promote their campaign by creating a public profile.

Once you upload contact information, a photo, social media and website links, and a brief biography, we will promote you as candidate on our website and be ready to display your name and photo on the Election Night Results page.

For information, click on Hearings--Frequently Asked Questions below.

Through the Candidate Portal, federal, statewide and legislative candidates can accomplish many of their filing needs in one website. The portal allows you to electronically gather signatures through our E-Qual system, or you can generate a tailor-made nomination petition to be printed and circulated the old-fashioned way.

Applicants passing a UBE are allowed to transfer a passing score earned in Arizona to other UBE jurisdictions without testing, subject to the rules of that state.

UBE rules vary from state to state; please contact specific jurisdictions if you wish to seek admission based on UBE.

The day-to-day processing of an injured worker’s claim is then handled by the insurance carrier or self-insured employer.

Questions regarding payment of medical bills and compensation should first be directed to their processing office.

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Candidates seeking election for county or municipal office will file nomination petitions with the appropriate county or municipality.

The Claims staff cannot provide legal advice, but they are available for general assistance regarding workers' compensation laws and rules.

The ALJ Division resolves legal disputes that arise in workers' compensation cases. • File a Claim under Workers' Compensation • Petition to Reopen a Claim • Petition to Rearrange or Readjust Compensation • Request to Change Doctors • Request to Leave the State • Request a Hearing • Request Dependents' Benefits (in Case of a Worker's Fatality) • File a Report of Injury (If You Are an Employer) • File a Report of Injury (If You Are a Worker) • File a Worker's Revocation of Rejection of Terms of Az Workers' Compensation • File a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Agreement • File a Sole Proprietor / Independent Contractor Statement • File Form 110A: Annual Report of Income (If You Are a Worker) • File Form 110B: Notice of Intent to Suspend (If You Are a Worker) • Read About Significant Exposure to Bodily Fluids. Obtain Posters [ What posters are employers required to post?

For over a century, the Arizona State Fair has been a gathering place for residents from the far corners of the state.

Guests come here to enjoy the richness and diversity of communities, to honor the past, celebrate the current and explore the future.And when the filing deadline approaches, a candidate can generate and file other required documents exclusively through the portal.