Adult face time chats

14-Oct-2020 21:48

For years, Face Time has been the most intimate way to talk to someone digitally—providing a face-to-face experience that the app is named after. Because the phone’s camera is not literally inside the other person’s eyes (as it is in real life! Face Timing can feel a bit like two people are talking while checking their email.

Now, Apple is simulating eye contact in Face Time with digital fakery.

One special effects expert described this new era to me as “a war on what’s real.” The age of Photoshop, which required a certain amount of skill and practice to manipulate imagery convincingly, has been quickly surpassed by simpler interfaces and vastly more powerful artificial intelligence. The smartphone industry has become an arms race focused on the camera (Apple had a reported 800 employees working on the i Phone camera alone).

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Your eyes are just an AI—the part you literally look at when you talk to someone is not actually them anymore.Apple is not the only company experimenting in this space, of course.

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