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28-Jan-2021 18:58

The objective: to curb social anxiety by restoring men to their rightful position of power over women.

Dominatrix: Definition Dominatrix is the feminine form of the Latin , a ruler or lord, and was originally used in a non-sexual sense dating back to around 1561.

In this three-part blog series, I’m going to examine three dominant and powerful women: The Dominatrix, Cuckoldress, and the Hot Wife—and the men who seemingly need them. Part II will address the lesser known Cuckoldress and Hot Wife.

The author claimed that many societies are having an extremely hard time allowing for this exchange of power and control to happen, particularly in a sexual context.The domination may be verbal, involving humiliating tasks and servitude.The dominatrix profession originated as a specialization within brothels, before evolving into its own unique craft.The dominatrix, cuckoldress, and hot wife are not listed in the (2013).

But because they vary in frequency and intensity, they can qualify as a form of sexual humiliation or sadism depending on the level of impairment.

I’ll admit that while I’ve seen my share of cuckoldresses and hot wives over the years, I’ve only treated a handful of dominatrices.

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