Adult add and dating

01-Oct-2020 08:29

In general adults with ADHD may not be the best about reading other people's facial expressions or body language, causing them to miss important information most of us would pick up quickly and instinctively.

Partially this may because their ADHD makes it harder for them to interpret this channel of communication.

They may also not be paying attention to non-verbal cues because their minds are distracted and focused on other things. In conversations an adult with ADHD may accidentally offend someone by saying something inappropriate the instant it pops into their head. Someone may frequently interrupt the people they're talking to. If they think of something they want to say they may start speaking before taking the time to realize that now wouldn't be the best time to do it. This can be because they feel an internal pressure to keep speaking.

They may also be enthusiastically chatting about a topic, and miss the non-verbal signs that the other people aren't that interested and would like them to move on to something else.

You can't always say, "It's because they have ADHD!

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In any group of people many of them are going to feel shy or not be the best at talking to people at parties.

The experience of having ADHD can also harm a child's self-esteem, as they may start to think of themselves as stupid or defective.

Lastly, people with ADHD may have other learning disabilities at the same time.

Someone with ADHD may start talking about something new seemingly out of nowhere.

While everyone else was speaking their thoughts went off in a different direction, arriving at their current topic.

ADHD is a developmental difference, not a mental illness, and can lead to two sets of symptoms: Inattentiveness, and hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

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