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This is a great tool for teaching the athlete to not lose acceleration, and can be very useful for athletes in team sports. When we lift the weight, the chain links are elevated from the floor making the load more unstable which increases the firing of motor units.

The elevation of links also flattens out the curve.

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This is very exciting because increased activity on type II muscle fiber will result in a greater hypertrophic response, since muscle fibers type II have a great potential for hypertrophy. (2003) have found that using variable resistance on the leg press led to greater improvements in lateral movements. Okay, for all of you that have just scrolled to the bottom because you are too lazy to read, here are the most important facts: Meta Analysis — Analysis indicates a number of a few separate scientific papers that have some similarities.

Bell-Shaped Curve — A bell-shaped curve is an exercise in which it is possible to lift more resistance, if only the middle part of the range of motion is performed, and not the beginning or end portion of the range of motion. When we accommodate the resistance with chains or bands, we achieve flattening out of the strength curve, making the phase of the movement that was easy also difficult.

Bands — When using variable resistance with bands, we need to generate constant velocity in order to complete the rep.

Subjects There were 235 subjects aged 18.3-27.9 years.

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In five of the seven papers, the subjects were with two or more years of training experience.NIFS has recently updated the weight room, including seven new half racks.