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17-Jun-2020 20:12

Just to do the same thing the next day, maybe get that one titan record you need, and rinse and repeat. Just more and more paywall characters and uniforms you're left wondering on where you can even use them when you can use the other character in the same class that does their job better. They really need to stop with the uniforms and movie event tie-ins and just focus on the actual game.

I faced a similar problem two years ago with the Homecoming update. Updating old modes, adding more story content, more actual event missions (not the bullshit token shop like this event, I mean actual missions you can play), challenge modes that are actually challenging and don't restrict the entries, a sort of dungeon crawler mode like the Ultimate Alliance series, and other shit to make the game worth playing for more than 20 minutes a day to do your daily missions.

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so i am an old player started back when GOG were introduced to the game.

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The last story update was well over a year ago, and the epic quest characters are feeling less epic and rewarding and feeling more like just one other character to get Dr Doom or Jean Grey...

that you can't use anywhere because there's no content to use them on.

i still play this game from habit (a 40-50 min a day) and to support my alliance and because i already invested in this game and can do it at minimum pace just stark pack.

Even inventory NM is trying to squeeze players conclusion , NM is just happy to release a few more uniforms and paywalls character each update and i wonder were i have to use them for. I’ve honestly considered just deleting my account several times.

I think it’s the only way I could manage to stop playing because I’d be too lazy to start a new one.

Literally 95% of all combination are useless for pvp you only need itgb invincibility proc and for pve an an attack pve .

No strategy or tactic combination you just have to combine or grind and pry you get lucky .5- NM have been keeping our resources output as low as possible and have not increased it since introduction of t3.GB is a nice a fight for a while but just isn't worth it.