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14-Oct-2020 16:48

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We’re really doing the same thing – but without your auntie and uncle. How do Muslims in your community feel about their families intervening in their love lives? For some people, how they see themselves and their life may be different from how their parents see it. And so that’s why we have that option on there, to say ‘I don’t see myself as a Sunni or Shia, I’m just Muslim’. I think what differentiates us is the indicators of religiosity that we use.

There are divisions on sectarian lines – Sunni and Shia. So what I wanted to do was make it easier for young Muslims to be able to meet, to interact, and to find someone to marry. And is this app intended for people looking to marry – or just for sex or a casual fling? The thing that we have [in common] with Tinder is the swiping.

And I wouldn’t even say that we’re so different from the traditional methods.

Traditionally one family would give a picture and a little bio to another family, and if they like each other they would exchange the bios with the kids – and ask if they want to meet each other. Obviously there are other Muslim matchmaking sites out there, such as Shaadi, Single Muslim, Muzmatch and Ishqr. All these sites are very good – I don’t want to speak negatively about any of them.

Obviously it’s up to the individual how they are able to use it. You swipe left or you swipe right, and you match, you talk.

Users can be flagged by other users, if they act inappropriately, or if they are spamming people. But we have a lot more beyond that that really takes into account some nuances of our community.Meet ‘Salaam Swipe’ – a Muslim take on one of the world’s biggest hook-up app.

No matter your kinks and turn ons, our girls can sort you out.… continue reading »

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