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If there is only one runner on base, there is no lead runner.

A tag play is when it is required to tag a base runner to get them out.

The idiomatic expressions are based on the great national pastime of Americans, baseball.

If there is a runner on first base and a ground ball is hit, the runner is forced to run to second base because the batter is running to first base. When two people are dating, their friends might joke about going to first, second, or third base.

Runner on third touches home well before third baseman fires the ball to second in time to make a force out. When a runner is on a base that a batter or another base runner is required to run to, the former is forced to run to the next base.

Two examples and a counter-example: 1) A runner begins the play on first base, and the ball is batted fair.

Since the batter is required to go to first base, the runner that began on that base is forced to go to second base, and remains…

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The baseball playing field (or diamond) is shaped like a diamond.

If you drew a line from home plate to first base, first base to second base, second base to third base, and third base to home plate, you would have a square.

This is because the distance between those bases is the same (90 feet). The lead runner is the runner at the base closest to home plate when there is more than one runner on base.

If there is also a runner on second base, that runner is forced to run to third because the runner from first is running to second… The distance between home plate and first base is 90 feet. These are metaphors for intimate acts with one's partner.

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First base refers to kissing, second base refers to touching, third base refers to touching erogenous areas, and a home run refers to intercourse.

If there are runners on second base and third base, the runner on third base is the lead runner.

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