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are more proximal risk factors for TDV perpetration potentially stemming from these early childhood adversities.

As one ages into adolescence, friends also influence the formation of intimate adolescent relationships and behaviors and contribute toward adolescents’ own TDV perpetration.) predict prospective adolescent TDV perpetration.

With our final algorithms we provide an evidence-based screening tool that can be used to operationalize the likelihood of future TDV perpetration and inform existing TDV prevention programs on the most salient risk factors to target.

The 6-year longitudinal study was approved by the institutional review board of the University of Texas Medical Branch. Recruitment occurred during school hours in courses with mandated attendance.

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Complicating the picture further is the fact that answers to these questions may vary on the basis of demographics (eg, sex, race), perpetration history, and TDV perpetration subtype (eg, physical or sexual forms of violence) because there are few longitudinal studies in which researchers have adequately tested these potential moderating variables.

This burgeoning area of research now needs to be synthesized so that prevention initiatives aimed at reducing the public health burden of TDV can capitalize on these significant research gains.

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