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‘Lily’ sees Pete Townshend entering what John Entwistle sometimes referred to as The Who’s ‘blue’ period.Not to put too finer point on it, it features Pete’s observations on onanism, written from the point of view of a young lad whose father sympathises with his son’s raging hormones and offers relief in the form of soft-core pornography to hang on his bedroom wall.Naturally he falls in love with Lily, a scantily dressed pin-up, only to learn to his deep regret that she died long ago.

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This follows on from a Brunswick Box containing eight singles (including ‘I’m The Face’ on Fontana), released at the beginning of April, and a soon to be released Reaction box with five discs.During the solo John steps forth on the French horn, which he played in a Boys’ Brigade band in his early teens. Townshend going through his sexual traumas – something that he did quite often.

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